Works in Progress


“The Engineer’s Guide to Party-Princessing”: An engineering student working as a party princess has to save herself and 12 children at a birthday party when a misguided magician casts a time bubble that starts to collapse. (2nd revision)

“Extreme Sports Club for Octogenarians”: A bunch of 80+ year-olds go spelunking, wreck-diving, hang-gliding, and storm-chasing in search of one last thrill. (1st revision)

Novel, working title “Jurassic Unicorn”

At a theme park featuring real-life mythological animals, Miranda Upshaw, the experimental geneticist responsible for building the park’s unicorns, gryphons, dragons, etc., discovers that her creations have paranormal abilities—that she didn’t put there. A fringe religious organization and an animal rights group join forces to shut the park down, and Miranda has to conceal the strange abilities of her animals in a bid to save her job … and their lives.

A book about family, ambition, and belief. The search for meaning in the chaos of nature. And animals. Lots and lots of animals.

And More ….

Do you want to read about an underground cat colony and their cat messiah? Or about an Iron Age hunter on a quest across the steppe to save the soul of her dead lover? Or a recently-graduated magician with Millenial angst? All of these, and others, are in submissions …